The pristine 1,000,000 acre West Petauke  Game Management Area is situated in the South Luangwa Valley, an extension of the famous Rift Valley. Renowned for it unspoilt beauty and varied habitats the Luangwa Valley supports one of Africa’s richest concentrations of wildlife and birds. The Geology is varied and embraces both escarpment and valley floor. Dry sandy riverbeds, steams and lagoons create the ideal habitat for the hunting of big game. Elevation runs from 12000 metres (4300ft.) in the hills to 450 metres (1350ft.) at river level.

Safaris are normally conducted following the traditional style of walk and stalk, and although we make use of fully equipped Safari vehicles, we adhere to the old hunting traditions, without compromising success. For Bow Hunters we offer makeshift blinds at natural selected waterholes. Safaris are often tailor-made to suit individual needs. The Luangwa river bank offers some of the finest hunting on foot, found anywhere in Africa.

The ultimate adventure is only for those who enjoy the rigors of walking and the thrill of the chase in a specialized Buffalo hunt.

The hunt is conducted in hill country where large cantakerous bulls live out their last days in isolation. In traditional style, a select team of porters and trackers will porter the necessary equipment deep into the foothills of the Muchinga escarpment.