South Africa


South Africa is a fine place to start off on your first African Safari and a great stepping stone before going after the Big Five.

It is also easily accessible with daily flights from most of the world’s major centres. Boasting more huntable species than any other country in the world, South Africa is perfect for a short hunt in one area or a safari covering all of South Africa’s diverse habitats. Being well developed, it is suited for a safari for the whole family. For non hunters there is also a host of interesting photographic magnificent surroundings.

We cover all the areas from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Provience and KwaZulu Natal. This gives one the oppertunity to have the chance of taking all that South Africa has to offer for the discerning hunter from the tiny Cape Grysbok or Blue Duiker to Elephant and Buffalo the list is endless.

South Africa can be warm to hot during the months of April, May, September and October. A range of between 65f – 85f. The months of June. July and August are our winter months and can start with night temperatures dropping to below zero warming up to around mid 60’s or 70’s by midday.