The Daily Rate INCLUDES:

  • Services of a licensed Professional Hunter
  • Services of trackers and skinners
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • All motor vehicle travel during the hunt.
  • All safari camp accommodation, food, soft drinks, beer and wine during the hunt

The Daily Rate EXCLUDES:

  • Packing, disinfecting and forwarding of trophies
  • Any tips to safari staff
  • Airfare to, from and within South Africa and Botswana
  • Ammunition
  • Spirit liquor
  • Gun Permits – $150 per gun
  • Packing, dipping and transit permits
    Plains game trophies – $200 each (Excluding shipping)
  • Transfer from Maun to the Kalahari and return to Maun by road – $336 per person
  • 12% VAT on Daily Rates

Please Note:
All Licenses must be purchased prior to the safari. Trophy fees are payable at the end of the hunt.

License fees are payable 30 days before the safari and are not refundable should the trophy not be taken. A general hunting license is also required at a cost of $300 per hunter.